Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I know exactly what I want, but I can’t find anyone who builds it?

A: I take pride in honing a diverse set of skills, and being able to create things when other people might see road blocks. I’ll give you an honest take on whether I’m the man for the job.

Q: I have no idea what I want, but I know what purpose I want it to serve….can you help?

A: Like anyone who builds things for a living, I have opinions. If you tell me the function and the locale, chances are we’ll be able to get to a great solution. I love collaborating with people who want to create something great.

Q: Can you build my cabinets or install my crown moulding?

A: Well the short answer is Yes, I can build your cabinets or install your trim carpentry. The long answer is that we have some great local cabinet shops and carpenters that produce fine products at fine prices. They are efficient and proficient at doing what they do. Chances are, they’ll produce a comparable product at a better price. I’m better suited to your custom, one-off or small batch projects that will serve as great complements to your cabinets or trim.

Q: Will it be perfect?

A: Your product will be unique, built for you, built to last, built with precision, built with care, built by hand. I am the assembly line and the quality control department. You’ll get my best efforts, and my best efforts are better than most. It will be excellent, but it will not be perfect. Your satisfaction is extremely important to me, and I’ll strive in earnest to please you.

Q: Do you have a specific style?

A: I see the aesthetic value in almost every architectural style, but really I’m more interested in what your style is! For my own preferences, I find myself gravitating towards clean lines and simple designs that precisely accomplish the task intended, without fluff. I love materials that will develop a nice patina, and I love building things to last long enough so that the patina is a foregone conclusion. With every project, I’m trying to produce a classic.

Q: What timing can I expect?

A: If your project is complicated, I like to give myself month or so to finalize details with you, take a look at the product’s final destination a couple of times, and generally think of the best way to build it. I’ve said I like to build things that haven’t been built before, so it takes time to think through the best process to get that done…..and it is better for both of us if I do that thinking “off the clock”. I’ll try to get you a price as quickly as we have a rough design, so that you and I can both plan on whether the project will go forward. I’ll also give you an accurate picture of how long my queue is and where you stand in it. I will do my best to not let timing get in the way of a great project, so let’s talk.

Q: What pricing can I expect?

A: I start by pricing things based on the quantity of time and materials I will have your project. I am almost always optimistic in this, which is a help to you. Secondarily, I double-check against my own personal spend-o-meter. I’m not wealthy and I don’t spend like I am. If I think the amount is crazy, I’ll back off of it, just because. I’ll try to stay competitive with local or even National premium décor and furniture stores. I’ll not try to stay competitive with random online importers of mass-produced, cheaply made items. If you’re coming to me, most likely it is because you have been unable to find what you want either in town or online. I’m certain you’ll know you’ve gotten a great value when the project is complete.

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